Board and Staffing

The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of up to 33 Directors and 4 ex-officio Directors with full voting power. In addition, five dedicated University employees support the mission of the Foundation in coordination with staff members from the University.


July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015

Executive Committee
Kathleen Shepherd Mehfoud ’70 , Chairman
(Vacant), Vice Chairman
Theresa Young Crawley ’77, Secretary
Richard V. Hurley, UMW President (Ex-Officio)
Edward V. Allison, Chair, Operations & Finance Committee
Michael A. Cirami ’98, Chair, Investment Committee

Mona D. Albertine ’71
Lloyd Tilton Backstrom ’61
F. Eugene Bailey
Gwendolyn Amory Cumming ’52
Dori Eglevsky
Samuel C. Harding Jr.
Florian N. “Red” Hofer
Lee Enos Kelley ’66
Mark Kuechler
Diana Rupert Livingston ’71
Anne Beck MacFarlane ’52
Carol Muldoon Martel ’68
Lynn Williams Neave ’61
Donald H. Newlin
Andrew Painter ’02
J. Williams Poole
Patricia B. Revere ’63
Lisa Bratton Soltis ’79
Jeane Baughan Stone ’74
Rita Morgan Stone ’52
Monecia Helton Taylor ’81
Fred D. Thompson Jr.
Sean M. Tuffy ’98
H. Conrad Warlick
C.M. Williams
Sylvia Holmes McJilton Woodcock ’61

Directors Emeritus
John B. Adams, Jr.
William M. Anderson Jr.
John F. Chappell
Virginia Lewis Dalton ’40
Dr. Andre Eglevsky, Jr.
Jean Polk Hanky ’69
Lois Saunier Hornsby ’48
Charlotte Major Minor ’66
Marjorie “Midge” Meredith Poyck ’66
Josiah P. Rowe, III

Mikhael Charnoff ’95 – President, UMW Alumni Association
Richard R. Pearce – CFO, UMW
Holly T. Cuellar ’89 – Rector, UMW Board of Visitors